Artistic creations that make up the very concept of garden.

We create works using different techniques

Our works are always devised in an exclusive way for your project

Jardín de autor que sirva de lugar de disfrute y relajación a tu entera disposición

Every element is a piece of a puzzle or riddle which is key to understand the real emotional baggage of the work


Have you ever thought of decorating your gardens with paintings?

In this sense, we are able to incorporate artistic creations to your garden. They can become an intrinsic part in the concept of the garden and connect with your personal and familiar character. They are always devised in an exclusive way for your project and appear as an original, astonishing and customised touch in the garden.

The most surprising feature is the number of advanced and exclusive landscaping concepts that we devise from that element.
In the case of paintings used for garden decoration, we pay attention -as we always do- to the users of the garden. We create works through several techniques. In some cases the paintings are suitable for outdoors and they are placed on Cor-ten steel. They can also be placed indoors, and among these we include the oil paintings, nib-pen drawings or graphite grisailles.

The Scenic Gardens, our most ambitious creations, are conceived as a lock that encloses its secrets under three keys

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A literary story and a painting joins the garden itself and the three together become an ensemble, a puzzle that is key to understand the real emotional baggage of the work linked to the owners of the house. In the case the house is sold, the owners will take two of the three keys with them: the story and the painting


If you are an art lover we are sure to provide you with the signature garden for your enjoyment and relaxation. Either with our paintings or through the use of a variety of elements, we develop unique ensembles in which nothing is randomly chosen. Consider that we look after the green area, the lighting, the water resources, the furniture… We are looking for harmony and functionality.

In our concept of Symbolic Garden, we are used to decorating gardens with sculptures. We are keen on establishing a bond among the customer, the devised landscape and the world of culture. We achieve this by means of the fluent integration of the natural elements present in the place and these artistic works with a precise significance. Let yourself be surprised by our suggestions.

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