The creation and use of artistic resources are part of our hallmark.

In every landscaping project that we carry out we consider the particular requirements of every client

We consider the particular needs of every client and the space that he/she hands over to us.

Very exclusive and custom-made place by the use of our figures

Creation and use of artistic resources is one of our hallmarks


Have you ever seen any images of what can be achieved when a garden is decorated with sculptures?

In the case you are longing for a green place where you can find artistic and symbolic elements, Fernando Pozuelo Studio can elaborate a project that satisfies your expectations.

We give great importance to sculptural pieces that we cast as a one-of-a-kind item made specifically for the garden where we work on.

In the design of Sculptural Gardens we don´t choose the sculptures randomly but we give significance to them and we care about their integration in the environment in such way that they generate a special delight that everyone wants for their own garden.

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We make use of all our background and verified experience to transform your house into an exclusive and customised place through the use of sculptures and elements that interact with each other in order to get a coherent and unique ensemble. The vegetation, the light, the shapes of the land or the water features also play an important role here.


Take into account we first take our input from the particular features and requirements of every client and the space that he/she gives to us to work on. Thus, we establish the basis for an outcome in which the custom-made piece and singularity of the garden are the most visible features. It is an open space that should delight the customer.

The creation and use of artistic resources is one of our hallmarks and they allow us to carry out ambitious projects for Symbolic and Scenic Gardens, plenty of customised details. Take into account that you can also contact us in case you are interested in garden decor with paintings. We also offer astonishing options such as narratives that complete the significance of our most complex creations.

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