Fernando Pozuelo, a reference in landscaping

Over two decades ago, Fernando Pozuelo, a visionary and prominent Spanish landscapist, set out to transform gardens into emotional expressions, making the dreams of those seeking a lasting legacy a reality. Through his studio, Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection, he strives to create gardens that approach utopia, offering peace, harmony, and a connection with nature, highlighting their uniqueness and aesthetic power by blending creativity, visual arts, and literature. His approach aims to reclaim the value of the classical garden, adapting it to contemporary challenges like sustainability and human connection with nature in urban environments. Pozuelo elevates landscaping to an art form, establishing connections with other artistic disciplines in his creations.


This distinctive approach has earned Pozuelo numerous accolades, including the Muse Design Award 2023 Platinum Winner for the “Jardín de la Alianza” and the A’Design Award & Competition 2023 Iron Award for the same project. His ranking in the Design Classifications 2022, the Best Design Spain Award in 2020, and the A’ Design Award 2020 Gold Distinction further reinforce his prestige.


Pozuelo has consistently received the Best of Houzz award in the Design and Service categories from 2017 to 2022. His 2017 European Competitiveness Association Gold Medal and membership in the Royal Horticultural Society underscore his impact on European horticulture and gardening. Successful participation in events like Casa Decor in 2016 emphasizes his broad acceptance and success among both the public and professionals.

Landscaping is an art and as such it has to be related to other artistic disciplines.
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