The purpose of a garden is to unite art and nature, creating beauty, which is a promise of happiness.

Santiago Beruete, Jardinosofia, a philosophical history of gardens.

In the *Art Collection Series*, Fernando Pozuelo’s genuine vision of transforming a garden into a paradise, a living work of art, and a personal legacy for the future comes to life. Like a journey through time and space, the *Art Collection Series* transports the wanderer through an experience full of secrets and mysteries, where they will find sensations inspired by their own experiences.

In its entirely personalized design, each client is a direct participant, giving these spaces the dimension of unique and inimitable pieces that combine landscaping with other arts such as sculpture, painting, or literature. These dreamlike spaces, born of emotion, become gateways to a completely individualized and exclusive experience, reflecting the experiences of their owners and connecting with their personalities, which serve as the leitmotif from which the landscape is shaped.

Imagine something as seemingly simple as a visit to a museum, an event that, for whatever reason, I wish to keep in mind every day. Imagine that I have a garden. He designs and recreates my dream with plants, trees, textures, colors…

Returning (a supposition) to the example of the museum, he would create plans of my garden in which only I could uncover the mystery, plans accompanied by a narrative that tells the story those plans do not reveal. Similarly, once completed, seen from above, I would also find the museum, with a specific painting, a corridor, an encounter... everything that would remind me of the transcendence of that moment, which would thus become eternal.

Charo Izquierdo (General Director of Magazines, Grupo Zeta)