Corporate spaces with an excellent finish

Distinctive and easy-to-maintain projects

Unique designs that enrich the corporate environment

Creativity and technical resources for the best outcome

Years of experience in projects of all sizes

For companies seeking to transform their exterior spaces and create a garden tailored to their premises, our studio offers a professional team capable of executing distinctive, unique, and easily maintainable projects. We prioritize quality in space treatment and materials, ensuring functionality in all our corporate works.


At Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection, we blend creativity and a diverse range of resources with aesthetic codes suitable for corporate environments. Our goal is to provide our clients with visually appealing spaces that leave a lasting impression on visitors and serve as a relaxing retreat for those working on-site.


We develop attractive proposals, always imbuing them with a unique character that becomes a hallmark for the hiring company. Our corporate landscaping projects incorporate greenery, ponds, and distinctive elements to achieve results that stand out.


Working closely with architectural firms, hotel and real estate developers, and interior designers enhances our collaborative efforts. With years of professional experience, we have successfully completed numerous projects for corporate headquarters, business centers, hotels, and commercial spaces. In each case, we bring the value of exclusivity, reflecting the client’s personality and interests while ensuring a harmonious result.

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