Customized Solutions for Any Garden or Terrace

At Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection, we envision landscaping as a creative intervention in spaces, merging natural and artistic elements to design beautiful and inspiring places that establish an emotional connection with the owners.


Our design philosophy is evident in the unique results we achieve in every garden we work on, carefully considering each natural, living, human, and abstract element that influences the overall landscape. We pay attention to every detail, combining elements such as pavements, light, water, vegetation, structures, and sculptures, providing comprehensive solutions with guaranteed results and maintenance.


Choosing our studio means transforming your space into a distinctive, harmonious, and creative environment tailored to your tastes and intended uses. Even in seemingly straightforward projects, we incorporate pictorial and sculptural elements to enhance exclusivity.


With a portfolio of over 450 executed works, we offer comprehensive services covering every phase of a project, from planning and design to execution and ongoing maintenance, thanks to the expertise of our dedicated professional team.




We develop various types of gardens, adapting to the size of the land and the owner’s needs. In our residential gardens, including terraces and penthouses of all sizes, you can see samples of our work. Similarly, by exploring our corporate gardens, you can appreciate the variety of resources and the diverse character we bring to transformed spaces.


Our Limited Collection of scenic gardens showcases our most personal works, merging landscaping with artistic expressions and concepts from land art. These Scenic Gardens include symbolic elements that resonate with the owner’s preferences, complemented by a written text that helps interpret the garden’s secret landscape.


Additionally, we invite you to explore our new line of interior design, Home, where we apply our knowledge of garden decoration to bring elements of nature indoors.


We invite you to see our projects