Exploring Landscape Trends for 2024

This year, the field of landscaping embarks on a significant evolution. Emerging from a period of uncertainty, 2024 emerges as a renaissance for the design of natural spaces, characterized by a return to nature, heightened environmental sensitivity, and a pursuit of visual clarity through lighter tones.

International fairs like “Art Basel Miami Beach 2023” and “Urban Design & Landscaping Expo 2023” bear witness to the new inclinations in global landscaping and interior design. These events pave the way for a more conscious and harmonious approach to green space design.

In this context, we offer a unique perspective through our latest works. For instance, the Garden Roma emphasizes the priority given to curved lines, not merely as aesthetic elements but as a guarantee of comfort. This approach, also evident in Gardens of Alliances and Ryad, signifies a return to more natural and evolutionary forms in landscape design.

As 2024 shapes up to be a year of well-being, romanticism, and nostalgia, maximalist compositions give way to structures with curved lines, sustainable materials, and light colors. According to landscaping professionals, these elements contribute to generating harmony in spaces and a deeper connection with the surrounding nature.

This year, gardens are expected to be not only visually appealing but also sustainable. The growing environmental awareness leads to a commitment to using local plant species, creating a more profound harmony with the surroundings. The transformation of gardens into functional recreation spaces, with carefully selected furniture ensuring both comfort and aesthetics, is a key trend glimpsed in landscaping projects for 2024.

Thus, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for landscaping, where nature, simplicity, and connection with the environment take center stage. Fernando Pozuelo’s review of these trends provides a unique window into more conscious and harmonious landscaping, prompting reflection on our role in creating spaces that transcend aesthetics to become unforgettable experiences.

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