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Impressive black limestone architecture with aerial prism-like volumes is tamed and contained within a fabulous sculptural garden, conceived as a play of lights, shadows, romantic paths, and cozy spaces.


The dwelling transforms into a vessel sailing over sheets of water and linear grass, whose strips caress the pavements and flow between the stony and elegant black cladding material.


We aimed to court the garden with the same evening gown as the facade surfaces, using it for the pavements as well. Large gavions of black slate and mineral covers of a similar color have been incorporated. Additionally, the garden unfolds orthogonally to the rhythm of architectural geometry. In this two-dimensional plane, strategic energetic points through water and rocks allow for energetic fluctuation, akin to acupuncture needles. Combined with the use of sculptural elements, this elevates the ensemble to the realm of art, inviting contemplation, rest, and harmony in this temple-garden created from the calm mind’s emptiness.


The project’s name alludes to the power of this garden to transcend the physical occurrence of the four seasons, which typically, through their succession throughout the year, modify the color and other aspects of vegetation development observable at a glance. But every garden has a fifth dimension, comparable to a fifth season, representing its energetic content.

Scenic Garden