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La Borda del Mentidero

La Borda del Mentidero, a restaurant located on Ronda de la Comunicación, Madrid, spans a plot of approximately 4000m2, housing a parking area, restaurant, garden, and service zone.




The design prioritizes an organic and natural foundation with nuances of singularity and modernity, structuring the entire environment to recreate a landscape of conifers and deciduous trees (cedars and birches) at elevations between 650 and 1500 meters. This setting shelters the cabin, accompanied by various species with reddish, orange, and yellow hues (rus, nandina, pyrus, serviceberry, Virginia creeper, and grapevines). The vegetable garden corner conceptually links the garden with the restaurant through its consumption.


Natural design is complemented by elements such as wood used in fences, paneling, and facades, as well as terracotta-like jabre for pavements and transit areas.


The entire ensemble is organized into various usage areas to maximize flows, usability, and architectural enhancement. This zoning allows for optimal development of desired outdoor activities, in symbiosis with those indoors, ensuring that the exterior style connects seamlessly with the interior.


The garden’s daytime color palette transforms into warmth at night through artistic lighting with beacons and indirect light projectors, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


Ultimately, the purpose of the project is to create an intimate space for enjoyment, adapted to usage conditions, the natural characteristics of the area, and its unique surroundings.

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