The patio of this residence had suffered from the passage of time. The owners took the opportunity to undergo a complete redesign, opting for modern straight lines to better utilize the space.


The layout was reconfigured by expanding the existing porch to accommodate a spacious dining area on one side and a chill-out zone on the opposite end. At the back, a sunbathing area was designed, connected to the porch via a Japanese-style walkway, leaving the remaining garden as a landscaped area.


The old wooden flooring was replaced with light-toned porcelain tiles, creating a greater sense of space and brightness. Regarding vegetation, existing tree specimens were preserved, and new Japanese maple trees were added for a wonderful autumnal color palette. The shrub layer was complemented with boxwood hedges, strawberries, Erigeron, and Ophiopogon. Additionally, more lawn space was reclaimed.


To enhance the garden’s privacy, a custom-designed backlit panel, featuring geometric motifs in the dining area, was introduced, adding a unique and original element to the garden.

Private Gardens