Have you ever visited Fernando Pozuelo´ landscaping blog? You will get to know first-hand tips and comments about the creation of a garden and other aspects related to this world with one of the most renowned professionals in this field. Here, you will have the opportunity to read advices about the best way to look after the outdoor area of your house in every season, to receive advice in order to give a touch of distinction to your garden or to find out curiosities and interesting news on innovation in the fields of international landscaping and architecture.

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We are sure that the posts in our landscaping blog will arouse your interest. They have the imprint of a Studio with a long and broad experience that offers a unique supply of services. If you are thinking of going one step forward with your property and you want to hire a service of gardening that transforms the outdoor space of your house into something special around your house, you can rely on us. We always try to create exclusive and singular gardens in each case, which are adapted to the available piece of land. We also keep the closest connection with the customer in order to create an enjoyable space that can be perceived as his or her own.


When you visit our blog we invite you to discover all the designs we offer in our Studio for the creation of exclusive gardens. We are sure that our Ideographic, Symbolic and Scenic Gardens will draw your attention. In each of them, we deal with different sizes and degrees of complexity but we tackle our task with care and attention to the requirements of the customer. We are also different because we can create spaces with a high artistic content through the development of very special concepts and the elaboration of artworks made on purpose for each project. For instance, you can let yourself be surprised by our ideas to decorate gardens with literature and paintings.