Discover your garden: every corner breathes nature, journeys, and experiences…

A space that becomes the gateway to a unique experience

Transform a plot of your property into authentic luxury gardens

Create your own legacy, your paradise where you connect with the sky.

In our Premium Collection, we blend aesthetic, philosophical, and humanistic ambitions in Scenic Gardens developed on medium to large-sized plots. Collectively termed Luxury Gardens, these gardens incorporate symbolic elements reflecting the owner’s tastes and concerns, allowing the client to become a co-author.

Luxury gardens with their own personality

Fernando Pozuelo’s Premium Collection of scenic gardens brings forth unique spaces where quality and dedication to landscaping open the door to exceptional experiences. Personalization reaches its peak, transforming these authorial gardens into reflections of the owners’ experiences and personalities. These exclusive works extend beyond the terrain, incorporating sculptural elements, paintings, and texts related to the project, aligning with the principles of land art.

This complex artistic composition is complemented by a literary narrative that unveils the aesthetic dimensions of the garden, turning it into a symbolic space full of secrets. The most ambitious commissions become authorial creations, synchronizing the physical transformation of the space with conceptual and artistic proposals. We regard the garden as one of the fine arts, integrating pictorial, sculptural, and literary elements.

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