Five seasons garden

Five seasons garden

In this case, an impressive black limestone architecture, made out with prismatic air volumes, is subdued and restrained into a fabulous garden of sculptural style, intended as a game of light and shadows, romantic paths and cozy spaces.


So, the home becomes something like a vessel, sailing across water layers and grass lines, with its waterline being licked by them, and flowing along the elegant stony black coating.


As for the garden itself, we wanted to courtship it with the same evening gown as the façade facings, and that’s why it was decided to use it also for the pavings. Big gabion walls of black slate were incorporated and also mineral shard coverts in a similar color. We sought that the garden grew in an orthogonal way, together with the architectural geometry. At the same time, in this bi-dimensional level, energy points strategically placed across the stones and the water will allow the energy to flow, in a kind of acupuncture needles fashion. Used along with sculptural pieces, this will elevate the whole to the category of Art, inviting the visitor to feel the contemplation, rest and harmony radiating from this garden-temple created out of the void of a peaceful mind.


As for the name of the project, it is intended as a reminder of the power this garden possesses  to transcend the physical fact of the existence of the four seasons we all know, which through their chromatic and other aspects, modify throughout the year the development of vegetation at plain sight. But any garden has a fifth dimension, which can be considered like a fifth season, one that embodies all its energetic content.


Energy which, in this case, was boosted using different techniques: the strategic positioning of certain elements, and a carefully planned use of the water, taking extreme care with the harmony and balance of the geometry in all the elements conforming the shape of the garden.


This landscaping project design is highly linked to the architecture of the house: very cubic, prism shaped and with its geometry pairing with the garden as an accurate reflection of it, by means of diverse elements like jardinières, or planters, flower-beds, walkways and resting areas, and, the cream of the cake, seven sheets of water (like the human body has its seven Chakras).