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Decoration of gardens that bring together aesthetic enjoyment and functionality.

This experience begins with the simplicity and agility of the work.

You will be surprised by our ideas for the design of small gardens.

Design of small gardens with creativity and focus on details.


Suitable for terraces and gardens from 25m2.

Our studio tackles the design of small gardens with the same creativity and focus on the detail as we do with other projects of any size.

We adapt to the features of a small space to get the best out of it in order to get harmonious gardens full of enjoyment since we consider the simplicity as a virtue in this environment.

It is actually feasible to get an unforgettable outdoor area as far as we count on, at least, 25m2. An ensemble of quality items will be organised in the space in order to show an exclusive outcome that it is simple at the same time.

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In the Studio of Fernando Pozuelo -a designer with a long and prestigious background in the field of landscaping- we rely on a concept of Ideographic Garden for small spaces. The quality of our procedures on the premises and materials we use go hand in hand with the functionality of the gardens.

Thus, we devise spaces that not only become conventional gardens but also a solution to get the most out of urban places such as terraces and attics. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask about the space that you want to put in our hands.


In you virtual showroom you can get to know some of the designs that we have made a real for small gardens. See how we combine green areas and flowerpots with wooden flooring-platforms or furniture along with delicate lighting. Attics and terraces become an outstanding outdoor area for our customers to enjoy, a place surrounded by a coherent composition carefully planned to the smallest details that offers the pleasure to find the physical and spiritual well being.
In the decoration of gardens and swimming pools we also show our ability to gather aesthetics and functionality as we work on both aspects at the same time. We trigger enjoyable experiences for the owners within an exclusive environment, full of personality.


This experience starts from the simplicity and agility of the work; in this process the customer just needs to talk to just one team in order to get a garden, the full refurbishment of the outdoor area or a swimming pool. Any of this can be achieved with all the amenities and a unique guarantee.

We invite you to examine our complete dossier.
Do you have any doubt? Request information to know the complete list of options and what each one consists of.