A truly unique experience that leads to luxury gardens of any size.

We create a literary story and a painting. We emphasize the fact of decorating gardens with paintings that become an element of the artistic ensemble

Our gardens with a story stay with the highest level of customisation and become an unforgettable landscaping project

The garden decor with literature is one of the most special and luxurious options that we may offer you among all other concepts we deal with

A real luxury affordable for our clients. All of them hand-made and produced in a limited edition


How do we make the literary element match up to these ambitious works?

When we think of creating unique places for our clients, the decor of gardens with literature is one of the most special and luxurious options that we offer within the wide range of concepts that we handle in our Studio.

We give shape to a truly unique experience that leads to luxury gardens with a variety of dimensions, whose full understanding will be available for our client and the people he/she wants to share it with.

This innovative concept, with a high level of exclusivity, goes along with our most ambitious projects: the Scenic Gardens. The whole ensemble is full of symbolism, enriched by different artistic elements, devised to exceed as a whole the sum of the elements.

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Thus, along with the creation of this big garden, we will generate a narrative and a painting –emphasizing the idea of garden decor with a painting-. Both of them become other element within the artistic ensemble. They give the keys to the owners when they want to unveil a hidden work in the structure of the garden that becomes the keystone in the scenery.


In order to get this, we rely on well-known writers who collaborate closely with us. Besides, the stories are registered in the National Library in Spain. Our gardens with storytelling become the most customised and unforgettable way to landscape the outdoor area of your house. Our team designs your project carefully and interacts with you in a way that makes you feel involved in the process of creation. Consider that, in case you sell your property, you would take with you the story, the painting and, therefore, the secrets of the garden will remain hidden for the new owners.

These are stories written to transform your present story into eternity; an affordable luxury for our customers. All of them are carefully hand-made, with and exclusive finish and issued in a limited edition. Fernando Pozuelo and his team reveal the keys that will be devised in the story, following a meticulous process. The complex machinery put into work by architects and engineers eventually creates an art object that fits the garden We also rely on publishers and writers as renowned as Viviana Paletta and Javier Sáez de Ibarra, who have been awarded for their books of short stories in Spain and abroad.

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