Art modulated to your wishes. Plunge into a sea of peace…

Take the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique place

We tackle every project very carefully

Simplicity and functionality as the way to a harmonious and very enjoyable area

Get the best out of the available area


Suitable for gardens from 250 mt.2

You can rely on our team for the design of outside gardens in order to enjoy a truly unique space: the result of getting the best out of the available area.

Fernando Pozuelo is well known as a landscape designer due to the amount and variety of the projects he has accomplished throughout the years.

In our Studio we keep on working thoroughly, taking care of every detail in each project that come to our hands. We design customised gardens that can adapt to any area and, above all, to the demands of the customer.

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Thus, we can either be in charge of the design of small gardens –in which we rely on simplicity and functionality as a way to get a very enjoyable harmonious space- or areas that expand thousands of square meters. There, we display all our artistic resources in order to achieve an impressive composition that becomes the exclusive place that gives satisfaction to its owner and at the same time makes feel proud for taking part in its creation.


When we create Outside Gardens we combine living and man-made elements with the conditions of the area in order to achieve in all occasions a harmonious and gorgeous result. We are able to do this because our ability to devise artworks, mainly sculptures, that interact with the environment and give unity to the ensemble.


We display our work with particular customers, private companies and public institutions. We also collaborate with interior designers and architecture studios depending on the features of the garden in order to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

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