Discover your garden, every corner breaths nature, journeys, experiences…

We create an exclusive garden with a project in which your dreams will come true

Quality and commitment open a door towards an experience beyond the expectations

It turns your place into a real luxury garden.

We create harmonious, delightful places with a variety of resources


Suitable for gardens from 400mt.2

In case you are interested in turning your field into a luxury garden, you can rely on Fernando Pozuelo and his Landscaping Studio.

Our career has been verified by years of successful works in which we have devised very ambitious projects.

We put at our customers´ service our unique gardening ideas. We benefit from our ability to create balanced, delightful and varied spaces. We include exclusive artistic items such as carvings and sculptures. Thus, every garden that we design is a unique creation.

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We can work in areas of any extension, and we handle different type of gardens as a starting point to devise a design in which every detail counts. In this sense, our concept of Scenic Gardens corresponds to the most ambitious projects that we carry out.


Tell us what you are looking for when you come to us for a creation of an exclusive garden and we are sure to give form to a project in which your dreams will come true. We are able to materialise your dream of giving value to your life without leaving your house; we can make you the co-author of the creation that stays as a family legacy along the years.


These are spaces where quality and focus on the garden design is a door towards an experience that goes further beyond. We reach the highest level of customization to make this signature garden a place where the experiences and personalities of the owners appear. Furthermore, this is a complex artistic composition that interacts with a literary piece and gives the keys of the whole aesthetic dimension of the garden. It is a very special concept for a place full of details that you can feel as an exclusive retreat of your own.

We invite you to examine our complete dossier.
Do you have any doubt? Request information to know the complete list of options and what each one consists of.